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Welcome to FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers

Southern Nevada’s leading provider of physical therapy, rehabilitation, balance therapy, and athletic training services.

FYZICAL is one of America’s fastest growing physical therapy franchises that is leading the conversation in balance, falls, and preventative healthcare by focusing treatment on quality outcomes and a whole body, total wellness, approach.

If you are experiencing any limitations, pain, or imbalance, why wait? It’s time to get FYZICAL!

FYZICAL has been in the Las Vegas valley since August of 2013 and has grown from 2 centers that specialize in balance and vestibular rehabilitation, to 4 centers that specialize in balance/vestibular and sports orthopedic rehabilitation. Our centers are located throughout the Las Vegas Valley featuring: 2 Summerlin Clinics (Buffalo & Cheyenne), 1 Central Las Vegas Clinic (Jones) and 1 Henderson Clinic (Pecos).

Our clinical staff has over 219 years of clinical treatment experience, 387 certifications, 167 years of college & post graduate education, and over 70+ years of clinical experience in the Las Vegas Valley. Learn more about our clinical team here!

Areas of Service

At FYZICAL, your treatment is focused on quality outcomes, a whole body approach, and advocating a healthy and active lifestyle.

You will feel right at home at FYZICAL, where our state-of-the-art facilities feature advanced cardiovascular, stabilization, and strength stimulating technology to provide the greatest impact for accelerated recovery and relief from pain. 

FYZICAL in Las Vegas provides the following highlighted services. Please visit our Services Page for additional services that we provide:

Therapy Services

Specialty Programs & Services

What Our Patients Say

Before I went to FYZICAL Therapy I had been to another clinic for a lingering plantar fasciitis injury. Frusturated, I flew in to Las Vegas from California specifically to meet with Scott Pensivy and team. They suggested therapies and used machines I had never heard of and after two days, I was feeling better than the month and a half I spent at the other place. They are the BEST; I’d fly back again.
John D.

When I say I got my life back following the direction of team at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance, I’m NOT exaggerating. They are friendly, patient, professional, and accomodating. And I am virtually pain free for the first time in DECADES!
Dione H.

This place is absolutely AMAZING! I was not recovering from multiple rhizotomies, was in so much pain for a good 6 months; could barely move, couldn’t work, and only left the house when heavily medicated. The wonderful therapists at FYZICAL SAVED MY LIFE… I fully credit them for the fact that I am walking around in the world again today!
Bree R.


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