Patient Results At FYZICAL

Our mission at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is to help our patients achieve the BEST possible results for their individual condition and to provide an exceptional patient experience.


Fantastic place for physical therapy. Everyone from the front desk on are helpful, friendly, and genuinely care about your recuperation. In ONE visit my vertigo was cured, and after just FIVE therapy sessions, my imbalance problem was under control! I HIGHLY recommend FYZICAL!

Yvonna W.

When I say I got my life back following the direction of team at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance, I’m NOT exaggerating. They are friendly, patient, professional, and accomodating. And I am virtually pain free for the first time in DECADES!

Dione H.

This place is absolutely AMAZING! I was not recovering from multiple rhizotomies, was in so much pain for a good 6 months; could barely move, couldn’t work, and only left the house when heavily medicated. The wonderful therapists at FYZICAL SAVED MY LIFE… I fully credit them for the fact that I am walking around in the world again today!

Bree R.

Before I went to FYZICAL Therapy I had been to another clinic for a lingering plantar fasciitis injury. Frusturated, I flew in to Las Vegas from California specifically to meet with Scott Pensivy and team. They suggested therapies and used machines I had never heard of and after two days, I was feeling better than the month and a half I spent at the other place. They are the BEST; I’d fly back again.  

John D.

I would HIGHLY recommed FYZICAL for anyone with balance or dizziness issues. They have helped me immensely and designed therapy specific to my needs. The office staff is wonderful, always a greeting and smile, and the therapists are knowledgable, patient, understanding, and compassionate. I couldn’t be more THANKFUL for this team!

Janet I.

I LOVE EVERYTHING about FYZICAL; The staff, the facility, the other patients; I LOVE how EVERY staff member is patient with you, kind to you, and doesn’t talk down to you; they treat you with respect and as an equal. They give you all the time you need to feel comfortable with new body movements that you are trying to make. I LOVE how you as the patient are made to feel safe with the accoutrements and everything. It’s just a great place, where you feel as if you belong there – it’s wonderful and one of my favorite places!

Amy K.

Thanks for making my world a better place. Could not of handled it with ALL that spinning!

Ilona S.

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