At FYZICAL, we offer our patients a medical diagnostic exam called BodyQ; designed to help prevent injuries and address potential health issues before they become serious. BodyQ measures the health and wellness of your muscles, joints, nervous system, and the overall functionality of your body; culminating in an overall, total health score. BodyQ achieves its analysis and scores by evaluating the patient’s:

  • Balance and Gait
  • Muscle Strength and Function
  • Joint Movement
  • Flexibility
  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Stride and Overall Body Movement
  • Spine and Postural Alignment

BodyQ aims to provide you with comprehensive information needed to assess your total-body strength, balance, movement, and posture to help detect and prevent injury, illness, and surgery. 

“The general public has never had a test to assess individual skills and risks with this level and power of information. This test could make a huge difference in a person’s life.”

– Keefe Fugleberg, FYZICAL Sarasota

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Recommended by Doctors

I saw a patient today who complained of leg pain. Normally, as an ENT physician, I would not have thought about his symptoms, but today, after taking BODYQ, I urged him to go to FYZICAL. I told him I thought FYZICAL would make a huge difference in his life. Dr. Art Schwart, ENT, JD

BODYQ is a novel and informative process for determining your whole body health. Because it assesses posture, muscle tone, hearing, vision, balance and flexibility, everyone can learn something from this test. A trained FYZICAL therapist will be able to identify at least one aspect that can be improved in each individual. Dr. Rhonda Deems

BODYQ testing was a rewarding experience. My deficiencies were pointed out as a result of the test, and I was given advice on how to improve these areas with simple home exercises. I would like to return again to see if my scores improve! Dr. Braun Graham

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